About Us

We provide cable excellence engineered through quality.

EventSeries® cables for sound, light & video distribution - developed over two decades, using state of the art materials and expertise. By working in partnership with industry professionals in conjunction with our manufacturing facilities, we have developed a range of cables designed to handle the rigours of the most demanding installations and the challenges of on-tour use.

The EventSeries® range meets most industry applications. Continuing commitment to research and development ensures innovative solutions to old and new problems coupled with the best available materials.

What we can do for you.

  • High-quality premium range
  • Highest levels of certification on low smoke cables
  • Large stock holding
  • Dispensed on sustainable-material drums
  • Same day delivery into Central London - surcharge applies
  • Free next day delivery - minimum order value applies
  • RAL coloured jackets (available for orders in excess of 2-3km)
  • Bespoke cable manufactured to your specification such as CAT7 combined with Fibre (minimum order quantity applies)

    EventSeries® Audio & Broadcast Cables

    Event Series Audio & Broadcast Cables for the professional user with no compromise on performance or durability. “OFF ROAD” Cables for “ON ROAD” Applications.

    Included within the range are Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables using FireFighter. technology. These versions are manufactured to the same standard as touring grade cables, but are designed to mitigate cable-specific hazards associated with fire.

    FireFighter® Fire Performance Cables

    The importance of LSZH Performance: During a fire, a halogen-containing plastic material such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) releases hydrogen chloride, a poisonous gas that forms hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with water. This is catastrophic in areas of public safety concern and/or where equipment is vulnerable to damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed standards to which all cables classed as ‘Low Smoke Zero Halogen’ must adhere. FireFighter. cables have been manufactured to these exacting standards, to reduce the amount of toxic/corrosive gas emitted during combustion.